Open call for a new project (round 2)

This is an opportunity to become a member of our collective and propose a public program for the public spaces on the 2nd floor, known as Ventilatiekamer (bar), Cinema and Projection Room/Office. 

 deadline: 13th July 2022.
On this round, applicants are invited to come and VIEW the SPACES on either of the 2 following dates:
Wednesday 22nd June at 11:00h
Wednesday 29th June at 17:00

On this occasion, you will see the location and ask questions that may help and support the writing of a proposal for a project, to be sent by July 13th.
NB: EMAIL with your preferred date to view the spaces ASAP.
After shortlist, you will be invited to meet the collective on the following week (commencing 18th July), and present your proposal in person to the rest of the members.

A new project 
• will be responsible for public programming, in collaboration with the other pubic spaces (De Peper, Studios, 4bid Gallery).
• will be responsible for taking care of the spaces.
• has to join one or more working groups to contribute within the organisation of the EHBK (The collective that runs the OT301).
• needs to be present at general meetings, where cultural projects, maintenance, finances and sustainability of the OT301 are discussed and decisions are made.
• will share initiative, creative inputs and enthusiasm for developing and nurturing the independent art and culture scene.

About the OT301
The OT301 is a legalised squat. A multimedia cultural centre encompassing a mix of non-commercial, (sub)cultural, artistic and activist projects and people. OT301 is owned and
run by a collective called EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst). All renters are members of the collective and must have an interest in playing an active part. Amongst other things, this means participating in regular meetings and taking responsibility for various tasks.

About the available spaces

Ventilatiekamer (aka cinema bar)
Space: 59m2, on the 2nd floor, with view to the Vondelpark. It has a bar, small stage and lots of daylight.
Suitable for: meeting, workshop, discussion, presentation and other small scale projects.
This space is close to neighbors in the Kattenlaan, not insulatated and therefor NOT suitable for producing/playing loud noise.

Cinema + Projection Room/Office
Space: 97m2 (2 spaces), on 2nd floor next to Ventilatiekamer
Suitable for collectives, schools, independent artists with an interest in visual / multimedia / film / cinema / education / lectures / presentations, etc. Daytime activities
work best because of noise from evening programmes in other spaces but besides daytime programming the spaces can be used 2 evenings per week to screen films. Programming needs to be coordinated with other public spaces in the building (Studios, Peper, 4bid gallery).

As well as making sure not to bother our neighbors with loud noise it is important to realize that the spaces are in a building with other spaces that generate sound (rehearsal spaces on the 3rd floor, concert space on the ground floor, etc.). You will need to be able to work with that.

The rent cost is in the region of €1750,00 per month, including electricity/water/gas.

About the application process:
Application period: 01-06-22 - 13-07-22
NB: reach out during the application period if you have questions or need support with your proposals!
Proposals to be sent by July 13th (email only) to: otresidency(at), with subject ‘Project Proposal’
Please note: Applications which include parties, bands, DJ's, general horeca will not be considered.

Applications should include the following
• Description of the project, what and how you envision it happen in these particular spaces, including documentation of previous projects that the candidate have had
experience with -text, images.
• Description of the project, 1 year plan (+ idea for long term) and approach of how you would integrate into the building and its organisation.
• What is your idea of the OT301 and why would you like to be a part of it.

NB: to run public events, with an open bar, the candidate will need to complete an SVH exam and get on the building license.
After July 13th: you will be contacted with details on the result of the application and when shortlisted, invited to meet the rest of the collective, present your project and ask/answer questions.