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Posted 27-09-2023

CALL OUT for a 6 months artist residency

OT301 has a CALL OUT for a 6 months RESIDENCY at one of our ateliers, 2nd floor. We now welcome applications from local and international artists/groups, with deadline 1st November 2023 - project period January-June 2024.

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Posted 25-06-2023

Open Call - Studio space available

Studio suitable as: artists studio (photography/visual/multi-media/textile//writing) or activist/artist office space. The studio can be shared and a joint application is possible.  The studio space is available from 01-08-23 Application deadline: 20-07-2023

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Posted 02-02-2023

OPEN CALL for new members: kitchen/food project

This is an opportunity to join the OT301 and become a member of the collective by running one of the public spaces on the ground floor. An ideal space for a (sub)cultural, non-commercial kitchen/canteen project.

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Posted 01-02-2023

OPEN CALL for new members: ATELIER space

A small studio space suitable as: artists studio (photography/visual/multi-media/textile/ceramic/writing) or activist/artist office space in the basement of OT301 (no natural light) will become available from 30-4-2023.

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Posted 27-01-2023

OT301 - Calling for a new external board member

The collective of OT301 are searching for someone from outside the project to join the board. This person would be interested in giving some voluntary time and an outside eye to support our artist/activist project and preferably have a background in the (sub) cultural, activist and/or squatting scene in Amsterdam. Experience with facilitating in non-hierarchical groups would be a plus.

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Posted 06-12-2022

CALL OUT for a 3 months residency

OT301 has a CALL OUT for a 3 months RESIDENCY at our Ventilatiekamer, 2nd floor OT301. We now welcome applications from local and international collectives, with deadline 1st January 2023 - project period February-April 2023.

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Posted 14-08-2022

Call closed!! - Atelier space available

A studio space is available from 01-11-2022 Studio uitable as: artists studio (photography/visual/multi-media/textile/ceramic/writing) or activist/artist office space. The studio can be shared and a joint application is possible.

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Posted 31-05-2022

Open call for a new project (round 2)

This is an opportunity to become a member of our collective and propose a public program for the public spaces on the 2nd floor, known as Ventilatiekamer (bar), Cinema and Projection Room/Office. 

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Posted 03-03-2022

The magic of De Peper Kulture Kitchen

De Peper really needs donations! We need around €25.000 to cover the basic costs for this cultural season (rent, maintenance, insurance, etc.). And with another €10.000 we can provide kick-ass programs, even during (partial) lockdowns. Anything extra will help to rebuild our financial buffers. All the money donated will be spent on running De Peper project now, and to sustain it for the future. Every act of kindness counts.

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Posted 26-08-2021

Supernova cinema - crowdfunding

Support the crowdfunding for Supernova Cinema, the new safer space cinema in Amsterdam, founded by the team behind the International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, currently celebrating its 6th annual edition. The space is charachterized by an alternative and inclusive programming, showcasing indie films, debates and workshops focused on intersectionality, new perspectives, queer topics, migration, diversity & identity. Supernova offers a platform for emerging filmmakers, orchestrating exchanges with international artists and festivals, as well as working on the basis of artivism – activism through art. You can find the cinema in OT301 on the second floor.

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Posted 11-08-2021

Looking for new crew

Our concert/party/event space on the ground floor is looking for new people to join the team. We are looking for people that want to work behind the bar, cassa and garderobe but also people for our cleaning and security team. people with SVH or BHV diploma’s are very welcome as well : )

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Posted 31-05-2021

Call out for cinema project @ OT301

Open call for new members. We are looking for a group/people/project for our cinema spaces (cinema + bar). Deadline 15-06-2021

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Posted 18-12-2020

A studio space is available from 01-02-21

Application deadline: 31-12-2020 All renters are members of the collective and MUST have an interest in playing an active part. Amongst other things, this means participating in regular meetings and taking responsibility for various tasks in working groups to keep the building functioning.

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Posted 24-11-2020

Isolator: Parables & Feuilletons

Isolator: Parables & Feuilletons is a photographic journal (designed in format of a zine) developed in the initial peak of the peculiar Covid-19 times.  The publication contains site-specific photography by Svetlin Velchev and reflective fictional texts by Christo Panchev.

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Posted 03-09-2020

Donate through SALTVEN

SALTVEN = Stichting Save Alternative Venues - a platform to help places like the OT301. Every donation is welcome. Thanks!

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Posted 13-03-2020

Public events cancelled due to Corona virus

For safety and health precautions, all our public events are cancelled until April 1st.

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Posted 18-11-2019

New OT301 book and Sweaters

Check out our new book, sweaters and embroidered patches.

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Posted 24-10-2019

20 years OT301

On 15 and 16 November 2019 we celebrate 20 years of OT301.

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Posted 03-09-2019

Crowdfunding for photo book - 20 years OT301

Help crowdfund the ‘20 years OT301’ photo book.

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