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Ventilator cinema/bar

Space for discussion, screenings, workshops, meetings and more...


Stichting Studio 301

Music, dance, performances

4bid Gallery

Exhibitions, workshops, performances



Culture kitchen with a South Asian heart

General information

At the OT301 we combine housing, working and public spaces.
We have been open for public since we squatted the building 1999. 

There are 4 different public spaces in the OT301:
Studios - ground floor (music, theatre, classes, discussion nights)
De Peper - ground floor (vegan culture kitchen)
4bid gallery - ground floor (art, exhibitions, classes, performances)
Ventilator Cinema/Bar - second floor (films, performances, discussion)

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House rules

Please everybody, respect the following simple rules.

01) No drugs (dealing or using)
02) No tagging or graffiti in or on the building
03) No violence
04) No weapons
05) No noise or mess outside (respect our neighbors)
06) No stealing
07) No sexual aggression
08) No vandalism
09) No alcohol under 18 years
10) Follow instructions of OT301 crew when asked
11) No racism
12) Keep your drinks inside the building
13) Stay in public spaces, do not enter private spacesf!!

If we see/hear you breaking these rules we will ask you to leave our building. In case of damage you will pay for fixing.