Artist in residency

OT301 Residency (3 months)

We have temporarily suspended our artist residency program until further notice. We will resume our call for artists when possible and make an announcement when applications will be open again. Please follow our website and social media for any upcoming news, other ways to get involved, and our public program. Thank you for your kind attention and understanding.

The OT301 is an artist organization/collective located in the old Film Academy building of Amsterdam, that was squatted in 1999. 
In 2013 the residency program was founded in order with the aim to:
-Use the residency program as a social experiment to gather more external and objective knowledge about the ins and outs of the organization.
-Open up our building even more to an (inter)national network of socially and politically engaged people.
-Develop a continually evolving organic residency module for temporary participation in our collective organisation: development is shaped by the residents.

The OT301 residency space is located on the 2nd floor of the main working building.
The space is modestly equipped for living/working needs with a kitchen, shower and toilet. 
The total size of the room is 42 m2.
Residency period: 3 months (maximum), with at least one presentation in the building - participation in discussions and the program of OT301.
Costs: The rental fee of the studio per month is € 450,- for one person and € 500,- for two people.
Deadline: we don't work with a deadline. You can apply all year long. Let us know your preferred time-frame.

Important to note: The building can be noisy sometimes. Our culture kitchen, cinema, concert space and gallery are open to public almost every day.

Application Guidelines and Criteria
OT301 prefers the residency to be mutual beneficial to all involved. Therefore each applicant is asked to explain explicitly why he or she is interested in renting a space in our building. We are looking for people that take their stay seriously and that are ready to integrate and participate in the collective structure of the OT301 association. 
Working on your own projects while looking for a connection, a theme, problem or case related to OT301.
Please incluse a project plan on how to integrate and participate in your applications. 

Please fill in the form below to apply for our residency program

Former residents

#31 - Iris Woutera

Nerve research at OT301

The work of Iris Woutera (1991) consists of spatial material, which stimulates a sensory experience. This results in (interactive) performances, installations, videos, photography, drawings and workshops. The ‘moving’ aspect is leading in her work.

‘Nerve’ research
An observation of how people, objects and natural materials move through the landscape. Exploring the countless forms in which people interact with the landscape and the landscape’s influence on people.

The landscape of the home, the neighbourhood, the city, the country and the world. What is the influence of scale on our perception?
How do we distinguish between what we perceive as ‘nature’ and what as ‘our own human-made structures’?
In what way do architecture, walls, borders, and roads shape our experience? Visualise the ‘construction’ of landscapes like parks, forests, dunes or the free flow of the Dutch tidal landscape. Some suggest there is no original primaeval landscape. Did all landscape as we know it become as it is today by human interaction?

Artist in residence OT301
During three months, I was artist in residence at OT301. I used this period to make a video work in which two performers explore several landscapes through their senses. From busy city streets to parks (like the Vondelpark), forests, dunes, construction sites to our closest environment - the ‘home’.
Searching for similarities between architecture and our body. Balancing between new possibilities and existing expectations hidden in the landscape.

Based on these ‘landscape experiences’, the project is situated back into 4Bid gallery in OT301, where I re-use materials I find in the urban landscape and in nature.
In April 2021, I completed the first Nerve sculpture, made out of metal, rubber and recycled wood. This space-filling sculpture moves in dialogue with the physical movement of the performers, accompanied by the sound emanating from the material. Inspired by architecture in contact with the human spine.

The project will continue at Den Helder, LekArt (Werk aan het speol - Culemborg) and at Door Creative Studio (Hembrugterrein - Zaandaam). Where Woutera will develop more sculptural landscapes as extended ‘nerves’ of the human body. Read on about the project at

Performers Bryan Atmopawiro, Kim Hoogterp Videographer Veerle Boekestijn
Tekst editor Kim Hoogterp

Photo credit
Title Nerve, material steel, rubber, recycled wood, artist/ photographer Iris Woutera, performers Bryan Atmopawiro, Kim Hoogterp, location 4Bid gallery OT301, Amsterdam.