Thursday 04 April
Anamorphic studio // 14:00
Diagramming Dance Dramaturgy
Style/type: Dramaturgy
Instructor: Liza Kardami

When: Thursday 21st March @ 14:00 -16:30 | Thursday 28th March @ 14:00 -16:30 | Thursday 4th April @ 14:00 -16:30

Prices: 1 session: €15 | 2 sessions: €27 | 3 sessions: €36

About the workshop: What can practices such as diagram drawing, sketching and mind mapping have in common with dramaturgy and the process of performance making?* How does a work get shaped by the contribution and feedback of other collaborators or ‘friends’ of the process? In this workshop series we will experiment with different dramaturgical tools inspired by diagrammatic theories and practices to explore and further develop an ongoing performance project or an emerging idea. We will employ different modalities to articulate and communicate different elements of a performance project in process. Finally, we will shift between individual and collective modes of working on and thinking through a performance project.

This workshop series is for dancers, choreographers, performance artists, and makers who are currently working on a new work or have an emerging idea for a project who are interested in experimenting with dramaturgical tools to develop their work and become more playful with their own creative process. In each session we will use different tools, so you can join any number of sessions you want.

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