Wednesday 31 May
Anamorphic studio // 18:15
Movement Research and Improvisation
Style/type: Dance
Instructor: Polina Fenko

Price: sliding scale between €10 and €15

Contact: | +31622411919

About the classes: These classes combine an exploration of a collective body with an intimate and personal movement research that will allow us to move together while listening to our own needs. We will work a lot with our imagination following various visual metaphors, with creative tasks and movement scores. The final stage of a class is composing in space and time. Every class will have a theme that will be communicated beforehand. Open to all curious ones!! 

About the teacher: Polina Fenko is a dance artist, performer and dance dramaturg from Saint-Petersburg, currently based in Amsterdam. In her artistic practice she is working with formats of instant composition and performative installations. As a facilitator and researcher she is organising interdisciplinary movement-oriented laboratories that create space for collective production of knowledge. Last year she graduated MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy from Utrecht University.