Sunday 28 May
Anamorphic studio // 14:00
Digestive Writing Scores
Style/type: Writing and Movement
Instructor: Micaela Terk

Digestive Writing Scores is a movement workshop for writers, researchers, and makers. In our sessions, we will use writing and improvisation to link between movement, sensation, and individual use of language. Each session is woven around 3 main scores from the artist’s archive.

Price: Low Budget: 10.50 / Regular: 13.50

Contact: (06) 5704 5518 /

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This workshop emerged from a personal need and has evolved into a collective practice. Sessions relate to writing as something that moves through the body: integrating body scans from mindfulness practices, gentle movement improvisation, and somatic journaling techniques. The workshop has been shared with students, teachers, and makers at Columbia University, Sandberg Instituut, Rietveld Academie, Utrecht University, and Erfurt University, amongst others.

Please note: AnaMorphic Studio is currently not wheelchair accessible, and is on the 3rd floor with no elevator. Exercises can be adjusted to accommodate any range of movement, and do not require any prior movement experience. This class includes auditive guidance and music. For access-related questions and requests, please reach out via email.

Bio:Micaela Terk (New York, 1990) is an artist, facilitator, and writer-publisher based in Amsterdam. She is director of the Embodied Knowledge Bureau and the founder of Goodbye Books. Her research and practice look to mend correlations between moving, sensing, and making within learning environments. In her work, Micaela uses a myriad of formats to question traditionally valued forms of knowledge production and emanation.