Thursday 24 November
Anamorphic studio // 19:00
Style/type: Dance Class
Instructor: Maria Pisiou

A series of 8 dance improvisation classes | October and November 2022

** The classes are open to everyone who wants to explore movevent, feel comfortable with their skin, relate and play.

Every Thursday 19:00-21:00
6, 13, 20, 27 October & 3, 10, 17, 24 November

Anamorphic Studio, OT301

Drop-in :
8 classes package: 70 euro
5 classes package: 50 euro
Drop-in: 13 euros

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In this series of dance improvisation classes, we play with the relation between movement, time, musicality and imagination.

The class starts with warm-up exercises that sharpen our awareness, activate, and strengthen our bodies - short exercises that invite us to connect with our breath, our joints, our axis and to the gravity. By approaching the dancing body as an archive, we unfold our movement habits using them as a compass for navigating into unknown territories. We play with different approaches of sensing time while dancing . We delve into the musicality of our body and use our breath, speech, inner talk as means for altering our rhythmicity and surprising ourselves. We give space for stillness and listening, which in turn give birth to our movements and decision making at the time of performing.

In the last part of each class, we compose a score-based structure for our dances and use it as a base to move, stop, listen, go beyond, mess it up and/or go back to it.
We play, we relate, we dont know, we dance.

In the end

Maria Pisiou is a Greek-born dancer, choreographer, researcher, and teacher based in Amsterdam. She holds a BA both in Dance and Pedagogy, and a Master in Artistic Research and Performance Practices (Artez, Master in Performance Practices). Main qualities that penetrate her artistic work are the elements of chance and spontaneity approaching them as motivating forces which can cause a shift on already defined patterns, and politics of care as a way to co-create/ move with the others. Instant composition and improvisation practices constitute the main methods that she uses for making pieces, moving, brainstorming, thinking, composing while approaching the dancing body as a fluid archive.

As a dancer and/or dance artist she has collaborated with Julyen Hamilton, Iris de Woutera, Eleonora Siarava, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Stafanos Tsivopoulos, VestandPage, B+6 Dance Company, Die Wolke Art Group and more. Her choreographic work has been presented in various festivals such as: 11th Athens Video Dance Festival(GR), CODEdans (BE), 9th International Dance Days Chania(GR), Encuentros_performanceseries7th(NL) , The Young Conference (UK), Fiktiva (DE), Dimitria Festival (GR), Arnhem Uitnacht (NL) and more. Based on her ongoing experience as a dancer and choreographer, and in combination with her studies in Pedagogy, she gives contemporary dance classes and workshops around Europe.

More info about her work:
and her research on instant composition and improvisation