OT301 magazine (2013)

In January 2013 we released the first OT301 magazine. The magazine provided in depth information about our building, our activities, our people and ideas.
The reason why we published the magazine is because we noticed that most people don’t know what we are, why we are and that we do more then parties. We wanted people to know that we have a cinema, a green roof, a residency for artists, a vegan cultural kitchen, a gallery and much more nice projects.
The magazine provided basic information about our organisation plus the personal opninions of four people that work or live within our building. The first magazine had the OT301/EHBK seen through the eyes of Judith Witteman, Ivo Bol, Suzanne van der Post and Jack Pam. 

Magazine #01 was made by: 
Text: Ivo Schmetz, Femke Dekker, Ivo Bol, Judith Witteman, Suzanne van der Post, Jack Pam
Photography: Maeve Stam, Roel Determeijer, Ivo Schmetz, Anne Huijnen
Graphic design: Ivo Schmetz (310k.nl)

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