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4bid Gallery

4Bid develops temporary cultures and interlinks fields of knowledge and comprehension through arts and culture. 
Today’s conception of ‘bid’ relates to a contest of auction, in 2013 we took the concept to propose and offer a series of experimental activities to the public.

In the past the word ‘bid’ referred to the act of asking. We ask the public to participate and welcome proposals and questions, and make space for the multiple voices to be heard.‘4bidden’ = ‘forbidden’ suggest our attitude against stereotypes of contemporary art that might be today, and allowing for not-ordinaries.
‘forbid gallery’ means that we are against being commercial or uptight(snobby) which may be typical tradition in art galleries.

Our statement (pertinent since 2013):
“We think that art and culture, when approached critically, have a positive impact on society. We attempt to bring consciousness about the current social situation by sharing and distributing knowledge through development of temporary culture, a culture that is dynamic and evolves as we speak. Being critical is an approach but not only. Critical culture for us is a metaphor for a critical moment on a timeline, a crisis between points of view, collision of times and spaces. We develop projects and researches with the aim of reaching out to a micro / medium geographic range, wanting to connect with people on a human-size level through discussions and collaborations, aiming to sensitise audiences to non capitalistic bodies and minds. We consider it important to create a multidisciplinary environment where a variety of artistic practices can question each other and their relation to contemporary art and society. we believe in a culture that is not elitist and therefore should be free and accessible to all. we like to interact and engage with artistic research, attempting to do it with consciousness and a critical mind-set, connecting with people on a personal level as well as globally.”

Our way:
4bid gallery sustains itself and feeds the senses of those visiting by running a program of activities all year round. We are not funded, have no sponsors, do not sell.
We propose weekly, monthly and yearly appointments, based on the voluntary donation of time and monetary compensation for the activities proposed.

During the past (almost 6 years) period we have focused our energies and intentions particularly around creating a hub for artists and art practitioners where to encounter public in a semi-formal way:
-Weekly laboratories;
-Monthly sessions to discuss work in progress and encourage feedback / dialogue between maker and visitor;
-Performance events that focus on a broad re-definition of this field welcoming critical discussion and pushing thinking patterns often by combining more medias treating a similar problem;
-An 'exposium' for the promotion of printmaking art, including an international exhibition, workshops, and a symposium focusing on contemporary aspects of the medium which take it to hybrid territories combining medias.
-Supporting OT-artists in residency to find the most appropriate voice for their work in place and time, encouraging and successfully referring them for future jobs out in the field of art.
-Regular educational labs for the very-young.
-Regular talk/discussion appointments with academics with the objective of making research and science accessible through a simplified lenguage.

4bid group also promotes presence and interactivity, offering support to students and young professionals with space and time to discuss and develop skills in a professional yet human environment.

4bid is a non-profit space, a project and a platform for art and artists with a special attention to the bridge between performative and visual art.

The program consists in events and artist exchanges:
-Highs & Lows evening of performances
-4bid Talks for the integration of discussion and exchange of opinions in a safe space
-B.BASE a body-based space (a hybrid ground between visual and performative art)•
-GRAPHICALL graphic art exposium
-Life Drawing
-Introduction workshops to Printmaking and Bookbinding
-OOB for exhibiting and discussing in collaboration with independent artists or initiatives
-OTresidency mentoring in designing guest-artists’ AIR exhibition/event.

Future additions:
-Opening a vitrine for independent publication, offering artist-book makers a place in which to showcase their work outside of a conventional book shop. We are preoccupied with freedom of circulation of information. In time, 4bid may become a small distributing house for zines and self publications.
-Increasing the variety of workshops proposed, with particular attention to self-sustainable art practices, eco-friendly printmaking (more techniques will be implemented on top of the current monotype, linocut, drypoint, etching, kitchen-litho, cyanotype), recycled paper book and box- making.
-Collaborations with current members, and temporary residents giving the space to propose laboratories in their fields of expertise.