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Stichting Studio 301

Stichting Studio 301 is a non-profit foundation based in the OT301 in Amsterdam. Its goal is to programme a variety of music, dance, performances, theatre, markets and workshops.
The main focus are the night programs from Wednesday till Saturday. Weeknights are usually programmed with live bands, weekend nights are more dedicated to electronic music. With both types of programming we aim to have a good balance of young talent and (inter)national bands and DJs. Besides working on an exciting, experimental, fresh, edgy and high quality programming we think it is important to keep prices low and make sure the vibe is good.

We work(ed) with organisations like: Subbacultcha, Dekmantel, Ninja Tune, Non Records, Rush Hour, Lemon community, Dub Champions, Amsterdam Dance Event, Red Light Radio, Basserk Records, True Soldiers Productions, Power vs Power, Red Nose District, Bassculture, IchiOne, Rewire festival, Sonic Acts, BamBam, Freakatoni Witchy Weekends, Wonderland collective, Music Dance Performance Series, Stichting Magpie and many more.
We had many great artists playing our venue. Here is a little overview: Jeff Mills, The Datsuns, No Age, Shellac, Actress, Ben Klock, Schlachthofbronx, Arca, Moodymann, Juan Atkins, The Bug, Austra, The Ex, Dem Funk, Einsturzende Neubauten, Martyn, Mala, The Hacker, Palmbomen, Hype Williams, Jacco Gardner, Roska, Nid & Sancy, Nobody Beats The Drum, DMX Crew, Marcel Dettman, Andy Stott, RA The Rugged man, Awanto3 and many many more.

The venue is split in two parts. Studio 1 is the bigger space that hosts all the bands and performances. It has a stage, high ceiling, big video screen and a light and sound set up for almost any show. Studio 2 is attached to studio 1 but a little smaller and lower. In this space we have a bar and space for people to sit and chill. The venue is about 230 m2 and can hold between 300 and 400 people (depending on the size of the stage and programme).

The building is the old Dutch Film Academy of Amsterdam that was squatted in 1999. Since that time the collective which our foundation is part of works on improving everything that happens in the 2500 square metre building. Besides our concert/performance venue there is a vegan restaurant, a gallery, rehearsal spaces for bands, workspaces for artists, a radio station, cinema, health spaces and an artist in residency space. The fact that in the OT301 people are living, working and doing public programming almost 7 days a week makes it very special.

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