About the OT301 Community

The OT301 is an international community of people that work and live in the old Film Acamdemy on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. We are organised as an association called Vereniging EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst). Everybody that has or runs a space within the OT301 is a member of that association. As a community we share the responsibilty for the OT301. 


Community member profile

Stichting Gôh

Stichting Gôh is a shared platform for stimulating critical discourse across multidisciplinary fields with a focus on promoting collective creativity and the relevance of social culture.  

This is achieved by supporting and promoting research, development and production in the fields of arts, science, technology, politics and economy or a combination of these — expressed as art pieces, performances, projects and programs, and (social) innovations. Collective creativity and cultural relevance are stimulated by means of collaborative artistic and social practice including workshops, guest visits, short stays and residencies. 

Dierck Roosen:
Dierck Roosen is a multidisciplinary artist who revels in themes of absurdism and fatalism. A classical scenography, opera and film studies graduate of ABK Maastricht (NL), he locates his work between the fields of installation, performance and curatorial practice. By combining language and lyrics, image and sound, he confronts issues such as the old versus the new and the futility of conformity in chaotic, contradictory and often purposefully bad settings.

As a founding member of OT301, Dierck has been one of the driving forces behind the growth of the cultural centre — as a managing director as well as an event programmer and artist with a strong focus on community engagement.

Foto: Pieter Hugo.