About the OT301 Community

The OT301 is an international community of people that work and live in the old Film Acamdemy on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. We are organised as an association called Vereniging EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst). Everybody that has or runs a space within the OT301 is a member of that association. As a community we share the responsibilty for the OT301. 


Community member profile

Polly’s Picture Show

In 2010, we – Anne Huijnen and Anna de Jong, the current core of Polly’s Picture Show – graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s photography department. We started the Polly’s Picture Show in 2011, together with Isabelle Wenzel and Suzanne Posthumus. We missed a platform in the photography world with a broader view of the medium, which could free photography from the flat surface; also we wanted to create possibilities ourselves. Initially, we organised exhibitions around photography.
After the exhibitions come more diverse projects such as installations and books and publications in other forms.
Polly’s Picture Show has been a partnership from the very beginning and we will continue to facilitate the most diverse forms of collaboration. 

Polly’s Picture Show is our 'free space' and playground. We think it is important to be able to continue experimenting and  it will change with our needs. This has resulted in a rich diversity of projects and disciplines in which we are always looking for a suitable role. You could call Polly our alter ego. Polly is Anne and Anna and sometimes many other artists. 

Our installations and exhibitions that we have created in recent years are strongly connected to their location, and therefore usually only exist in that place and at that moment in time. 
The installations and exhibitions from Polly’s Picture Show works with themes such as photography, cooperation, dialogue, authorship, space, illusion and theater.