About the OT301 Community

The OT301 is an international community of people that work and live in the old Film Acamdemy on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. We are organised as an association called Vereniging EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst). Everybody that has or runs a space within the OT301 is a member of that association. As a community we share the responsibilty for the OT301. 


Community member profile

Manuela Lucia Tessi

Dancer, maker and teacher, based in the Netherlands. I graduated from the Modern Theatre Dance department at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. My work is driven by the desire to deeply understand the musicality of the dance and the relation of movement and sound. Live music is often an important part of my performance work. In the last few years I have been dividing my time between Amsterdam, Berlin and Cape Town where I create, teach and collaborate with dancers, musicians and lighting designers, and curate self sustained platforms for the production and sharing of interdisciplinary performance work. I regularly teach movement classes and improvisation in the Netherlands and abroad. 

For many years I have studied and worked with Katie Duck, who has been one of my greatest creative influences. I am part of the staff of her annual Improvisation Summer Intensive, taking now place at OT301.

I have also been working in several projects of dance performance for very young audiences, (0-6 years) in particular I ve been a member of Wonderland,a performance project directed by Makiko Ito since its creation in 2006 in OT301, where it still takes place monthly.

OT301 is my creative hub for many years. I rehearse and research in Studio Bodlabot , and I curate Music Dance Performance Series, (formerly Music Dance 301) since 2009 a platform presenting independent work that focuses on the interdisciplinary interaction of movement, sound and lights.

Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/manuelaluciatessi

Music Dance Performance Series at OT301
Website: https://musicdance.net/amsterdam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MusicDancePerformanceSeries