About the OT301 Community

The OT301 is an international community of people that work and live in the old Film Acamdemy on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. We are organised as an association called Vereniging EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst). Everybody that has or runs a space within the OT301 is a member of that association. As a community we share the responsibilty for the OT301. 


Community member profile

Leon Hendrickx

Léon is a freelance photographer based in Amsterdam. He states to be intrigued by the extraordinary, the bizarre and fantastic. About his photographic process, he says: ’to experiment is what I love; pushing the photographic medium to it’s limits.’ 

At this moment Léon is committed to the exploration of the drag queens’ visual identity. In his internationally oriented project Kings & Queens (see links below) he depicts drag queens posed intimately next to their other halves — themselves. The portraits are an illusion, produced using photomontage, revealing two separate personalities within one individual. The subjects that Léon photographs are found anywhere on the globe, in places where they can flaunt their extravert femininity, but also in places where they must stay concealed because of the laws and atmosphere of their surroundings. Léon hopes that his project will bring people closer to the world of drag as he confronts his audience with an idea of outing the inner self, which is applicable to anyone really: wether you’re a drag queen or not.