Wednesday 07 December
Studios // 20:00 // € Free
AA Academy - Philosophical trends in feminism
Genre: Academy
Open: 20:00 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € Free

On Wednesday 7th of December, we'll be discussing PHILOSOPHICAL TRENDS IN THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT, a book written by Anuradha Gandy, a Marxist and feminist writer, a founder of the Communist Party of India, and a revolutionary leader.

In this book, she covers the different trends in feminism and combines a Marxist approach to class oppression with a critique of exclusionary forms of feminism such as the bourgeois feminist movement or eco-feminism. It opens up the debate about feminism, how it's linked to class oppression and nature's within capitalist societies. 

At this AA Session, we hope to discuss these themes together in a free way, creatively and critically, to understand how capitalism and these systems of oppression are linked and what we can do. We'll also be inspiring ourselves from the author's critical review of feminism, to reflect on our own views and activist movements and how they may be exclusionary. 

The evenings start at 8 pm and are free to all. The language of discussion will be English, but we will probably work with breakup groups, of which at least one will be in Dutch. On request, the texts to be discussed will be sent in advance as pdf files, in English and/or Dutch. On the evenings themselves A4 sheets are available with a short description of the theme and a number of discussion points, also in English and Dutch.
Everyone is welcome to join the organization of the AAA. Send an email to: academy(at)

Hope to see you on the 7th.
All the best