New project: Ventilator cinema
Since a few months Amsterdam Alternative is running the cinema and cinema bar in the OT301. It’s now called the Ventilator cinema/bar and the spaces will be used for screening films/doscus, brainstorms, discussion nights, seminars, workshops, comedy, listening sessions and other experimental small scale events. Check the Ventilator page for more info about the programming and rental.


Vereniging EHBK / OT301
Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam

Email contact 
Algemeen: ehbk(at)
Pers/PR: pr(at)
Residency: info(at)

Email contact publieke ruimtes
Studios (Nachtprogramma): party(at)
Ventilator cinema: ventilator(at)
4Bid Gallery (exposities, workshops): 4bidgallery(at)
De Peper (veganistische cultuur keuken): de_peper(at)
AnaMorphic repetitie ruimte: anamorphicstudio(at)

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Schrijf je in voor onze digitale nieuwsbrief en blijf op de hoogte van de evenementen en andere zaken omtrant de OT301.

Posted 02-02-2023

OPEN CALL for new members: kitchen/food project

This is an opportunity to join the OT301 and become a member of the collective by running one of the public spaces on the ground floor. An ideal space for a (sub)cultural, non-commercial kitchen/canteen project.

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OT301 Public Spaces

Ventilator cinema/bar

Space for discussion, screenings, workshops, meetings and more...


Stichting Studio 301

Music, dance, performances

4bid Gallery

Exhibitions, workshops, performances


De Peper

Vegan culture Kitchen



20 years of Art and Autonomy

This book is an archive as well as an attempt to capture a bit of all the energy that has been flowing through the building. 

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Members of the EHBK Community

George Bean

Theatre educator, maker and performer

Ruud de Kort


Movement academy OT301

Artistic education, social circus, health in movement, sport culture

AnaMorphic Studio

Space for low/no-budget theatre makers, dancers, artists...