CALL OUT for a 3 months residency

Dear friends, 

OT301 has a CALL OUT for a 3 months RESIDENCY at our Ventilatiekamer, 2nd floor OT301. We now welcome applications from local and international collectives, with deadline 1st January 2023 - project period February-April 2023.

About the Ventilatiekamer:
Size = 59m2 on 2nd floor OT301
Suitable as = atelier, meeting room, workshop, with view to the Vondelpark. It has a bar/small kitchen, and lots of daylight.
The cost of the space is around €870,00 per month. We are happy to provide with formal invitation letters and support any funding applications you might want to submit.

NB: It is NOT suitable for loud noise. As with all spaces within the OT301, we are respectful of our neighbors. Being the space itself not completely insulated from noise/sound made in other parts of the building either, you would need to be able to work with that.

About the OT301:
OT301 is a legalised squat. A multimedia cultural centre encompassing a mix of non-commercial, (sub)cultural, artistic and activist projects and people. OT301 is owned and run by a collective, EHBK. All renters are members of the collective and must have an interest in playing an active part. Amongst other things, this means participating in regular meetings and taking responsibility for various tasks.

Email: with your applications. This is the only address you can apply through.

After shortlist, you will be invited to meet the collective in early January 2023, and present your proposal in person to the rest of the members.


About the project that will join the OT301 for the 3 months:
- will be responsible for their space,
- will join one or more working groups, by becoming a temporary member of the EHBK Vereniging, that runs the OT301;
- will be present at general meetings, where decisions about cultural projects and sustainability of OT301 take place;
- will share initiative, creative inputs and enthusiasm for developing and nurturing the independent art and culture scene, collaborating with other members and public spaces

About the process:
Application period: deadline 1st Jan 2023
NB: reach out by mail during the application period if you have questions or need support with your proposals! 
Viewing times: if you are interested in viewing the space, this can be arranged for the days 15th and 20th of December 2022, between 17:30 and 18:30h. Email us to reserve a date. 

Email with subject 
"PROJECT PROPOSAL_ventilatiekamer”

Please note: Applications will not be considered for projects which include the following: parties, bands, horeca.

Applications should include the following:
- Description of the project, what and how you envision it happen in these particular spaces during the 3 months period, including documentation of previous projects that the candidate have had experience with -text, images.
- Description of the project, and plan and approach of how you would integrate into the building and its organisation.
- What is your idea of the OT301 and why would you like to join us.

>>> After Jan 1st, you will be contacted with details on the result of the application and when shortlisted, invited to meet the rest of the collective and present the project / ask and answer questions. If successful, you will join the OT301 from February 1st till April 30th 2023.