About the OT301 Community

The OT301 is an international community of people that work and live in the old Film Acamdemy on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. We are organised as an association called Vereniging EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst). Everybody that has or runs a space within the OT301 is a member of that association. As a community we share the responsibilty for the OT301. 


Community member profile

Svetlin Velchev

Svetlin Velchev is an independent choreographer, visual artist and performer with education in Theatre and training in Classical and Contemporary Dance. His personal artistic signature is based on a crossed-over relationship between light design, movement and sound. Svetlin developed a significant dance vocabulary - a fusion of Floorwork, Release and Cunningham techniques. His art pieces are site-specific, multidisciplinary and unconventional; the style is minimalistic and draws on science fiction imagery. 

In 2012 Svetlin founded MANIFEST Dance Company ,with a mission to be accessible to broad audiences, inspire other artists, provoke interest in young or non-professionals and provide cognitive understanding for dance in the ordinary public. 

Velchev’s artistic personal signature merges sound, light and bodies in space to achieve powerful visuals and convey meaning. His approach to light design and location often determine how the choreography will be presented.His creations pull the viewer’s focus to the ambient environmental conditions, aiming to heighten awareness of these within the context of each theme. Recurrent trademarks are multi-media, mapping, smoke, shadows and reflections.