Artist in residency

OT301 Residency (6 months)

The OT301 is an artist organisation/collective located in the old Film Academy building of Amsterdam, that was squatted in 1999. 

In 2013 the residency program was founded in order with the aim to:
-Use the residency program as a social experiment to gather more external and objective knowledge about the ins and outs of the organization.
-Open up our building even more to an (inter)national network of socially and politically engaged people.
-Develop a continually evolving organic residency module for temporary participation in our collective organisation: development is shaped by the residents.

The OT301 residency space is located on the 2nd floor of the main working building.
The space is modestly equipped for working needs with a kitchen sink and toilet. The total size of the room is 42 m2.

Residency period: 6 months (work only, no accommodation), with at least one presentation in the building - participation in discussions and the program of OT301.
Costs: The rental fee of the studio per month is €410,-
Deadline: You can apply all year long for residencies starting January or July.

Important to note: The building can be noisy sometimes. Our culture kitchen, cinema, concert space and gallery are open to public almost every day.

Application Guidelines and Criteria
OT301 prefers the residency to be mutual beneficial to all involved. Therefore each applicant is asked to explain explicitly why he or she is interested in renting a space in our building. We are looking for people that take their stay seriously and that are ready to integrate and participate in the collective structure of the OT301 association. 

Please include a project plan on how you see yourself integrate and participate in OT301 in your application and send to otresidency(at) before April 1st for July start, and before October 1st for January start.

Former residents

#32 - Jhor van der Horst

Jhor van der Horst (b. 1997 in Utrecht, NL - he/him) is an artist and researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With a history in concert dance, he is principally interested in staged bodies, living bodies, and plant(ed) plants. Past year, with the support of artist residencies at OT301, Plantage Dok and others places, van der Horst developed a solo performance titled “Duckweed; or, I Am Making Plan(t)s.” Through improvised storytelling and guided meditations, this work brings to the foreground human-plants relationships, and its many intimate co-constitutive entanglements. Influential mentors/advisors are Martha Friedman, Susan Marshall, Brian Herrera and Miguel Gutierrez. In 2020, Van der Horst received a BA in Art & Archaeology from Princeton University. Upon graduation, he received Princeton's Sudler Prize, which is one of the Lewis Center for the Arts' highest student distinctions. Currently, he is enrolled in the University of Amsterdam’s Artistic Research rMA program.

Concepts which Jhor often revisits are: space making, ritual practice, speech acts, practice, embodiment, improvisation, consent, attention, misrecognition, embodied knowledge, memory, reperformance, patience, softness, plants/vegetal, cultivation, and cohabitation.