Wednesday 10 July
Ventilator Cinema // 18:30 // € 5
With the Microphone I can Talk
Genre: Hiphop, Documentary, Georgia
Open: 18:30 - 20:45 hrs
Tickets: € 5

Doors open: 18:30
Start film: 19:00

With the Microphone I Can Talk (80 min)
After spending 8 years composing music in Europe, Nika Pasuri returns to Didube, the neighbourhood where he grew up (Tbilisi, Georgia). In the plane, he finds himself listening to American hip-hop songs and he wonders: 'why don't we tell our stories?'. Stories about living in a country still recovering from the Russian-Georgian war, stories about being trapped in the hood life of Didube, about resisting masculine norms and about friendship. In Didube, Nika meets his friends Tengo, Paata and Levan who are still living in the same streets and who are still hanging out in the same yard. In that yard, they together start rebuilding a garage box into the studio of their newly founded label Didube Records. The microphone starts recording and allows them to share their stories. About a year later, this film traces the group of friends in their daily lives. How did their music change their perception of Didube? What role does their storytelling play in Didube?