Thursday 16 May
Studios // 20:00 // € 5
Bloomin & Regenerating x Composit3 Collective
Genre: Music, performances, expo
Line up: Social Chemical, Merel, Anna Reymond, Oxymore, Alex Krobath, Gian Furlanetto, Sara Benini, Netnak, Lili Jullian, Lou Josy
Open: 20:00 - 01:00 hrs
Tickets: € 5

With this blooming flowers season we are very pleased to announce that the 2nd edition of Composit3 Collective party will be happening on the 16th of May. 
The Blooming & regenerating event is questioning; What are the resources that allows us to create?  
As an answer, you’ll find Fashion performances from the designers Alex Krobath & Lili Jullian, with the performer Lou Josy. 
An art exhibition which gathers the photographies of Sara Benini and the two 3D artists Merel Van Kesteren & Giancarlo Furlanetto. 
A live micro house music from Social Chemical, some electro/ techno & EBM dj sets by Oxymore and funky house from Netnak. 
It will also be the occasion to launch our new magazine directed and designed by Anna Reymond. 

Artists links : 

Social Chemical 

Insta // Website

Anna Reymond


Alex Krobath
Insta // Website

Gian Furlanetto
Insta // Website

Sara Benini

Soundcloud // Insta

Lili Jullian
Insta // Website

Lou Josy