Friday 05 April
Studios // 22:00 // € 10
DAMn Techno
Genre: Groove Techno, Hypnotic Techno & Techno
Line up: Robert De Neer, Synatec, rebrånded
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €7,50 for early birds

DAMn Techno is our new underground organization bringing the best raising talents in Amsterdam to the next level, created in 2022. We've organized a few solo and collaborative events in and around Amsterdam. Our objective is to focus on the artists with the most researched and particular sound craft, bringing warm analog sounds that will make a difference on the dancefloor and to reunite the first generation of Electronic Music artists with the emerging ones. Aiming to develop the cutting -edge Techno mixes and productions further we've integrated the local rave community to add our sound and connect together with a diverse audience. Hypnotic and groovy beats, artists who like to captivate the audience attention, creating unforgettable memories and great vibes this is what DAMn Techno stands for!


Robert De Neer
Robert De Neer is a rising talent in the techno scene, and is quickly garnering attention for his unique style and captivating sets.
The love for the wide spectrum of electronic music is evident in his sets, which he describes as a journey through soundscapes and moods. He draws inspiration from the pulsating beats and dark, brooding synths of techno music, but isn't afraid to venture out into other genres to create a unique and captivating experience for his listeners.
Ever the mood setter, Robert has a keen ear for blending tracks and crafting a narrative that builds momentum and takes the listener on a journey. His sets are a carefully curated selection of tracks, each one chosen for its impact and contribution to the overall energy of the set.
With performances at clubs such as Faralda Crane, Club Atelier, RLGC, Akhnaton and Club De With, Robert De Neer is steadily gaining a reputation as a must-see artist in the techno scene. His passion for his craft shines through in every set, and his unique blend of sounds and styles is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears him play.
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She's the first established French Djane in the Netherlands, and live in Amsterdam today. She  felt in love with the art of dj-ing in 1995, purchased a pair of Technics turntables to learn beatmatching, cross-fading, equalizing and Pitch shifting.
She developped a passion for Electronic Music during childhood and further teenage years being largely influenced by the dynamic beats of Kraftwerk, the melancholic melodies of Depeche Mode, and punchy style of EBM bands like Front 242.
Going to live shows and clubbing her first rave early 90's inspired mostly by the  releases of labels like R&S, Warp, Djax up beats and the rawer, industrial hard sounds of Planet Core Productions Frankfurt in Germany.
British breaks, Amens, Jungle, hypnotic techno kicks, Hardcore distorted sounds, Gabber House repetitive vocal samples or Electro percussive drumbeats are reoccuring often in her playlist.
She held dj residencies in EU and played on large events joining amazing diverse collectives and also released her own productions on the French Electronic Music label Da-Traxx recordings last year!
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rebrånded doesn't look as your usual techno DJ. He doesn't dress in black and rarely wears a t-shirt.
He doesn't sound average either. His energetic style is in continuous evolution, blending subgenres, vibes and rhythmical patterns.
Every set aims to surprise and entertain so expect eclectic sounds, vocals, remixes and abrupt changes of direction.
Always groovy, never boring, he is based in Amsterdam and has been playing in several local clubs including Radion, Doka and John Doe.
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DAMn Techno
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