Saturday 06 April
Studios // 21:00 // € 9
Machine Cult 
Genre: Acid / Electro / Breaks
Line up: Fast Ram, Aroy Dee, Böhm, Volpe Volpe, ​​​​​​​Freek Fabricius, Déandrah
Open: 21:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 9 / €11 at the door

Machine Cult is back for edition two! The successful first edition in November brought a night full of twisted electro and acid, and ended off with some crazy rave vibes. This edition’s lineup boasts the only Dutch tour appearance from 8-bit acid master Fast Ram (NYC) and an impressive range of Dutch mainstays and newcomers.

Line up:

Fast Ram 
Argentine-born Brooklyn resident Fast Ram has been active in the electronic music scene for way over a decade. He’s toured across five continents, with a stopover on UK’s Bangface festival, in a rollercoaster ride of dancefloor music styles. Brace yourself for some acid, breakbeat, hoovers & rave stabs, all mixed live, in glorious 8 bit, from two Amigas! 
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Böhm (Clone, Dolly, 030303, M>O>S)
Böhm is someone who you should study on due to his impressive track record. As a DJ, producer and co-founder of the legendary 030303 collective, he is a crucial part of the foundation of the Utrecht underground scene. Aside from the 030303 legacy, Böhm has an impressive solo career as a producer and is rapidly firing out killer records over the last couple of years. Both his gigs and productions are showing his signature style based on acid bleeps, floating synth sounds, Chicago & UK House influences and old school techno and breakbeat. An appealing mix which makes him unique in his field. His talent got picked up by several record labels such as the legendary Clone, Steffi’s Dolly records, M>O>S Recordings and a “Dutch Series” with Orlando Voorn on Partout. One of Utrecht’s finest connaisseurs is ready to take you on a journey to remember.
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Aroy Dee (M>O>S, Bordello a Parigi, Rush Hour)
M>O>S Recordings chief Aroy Dee’s vintage sound is refreshingly timeless. His own M>O>S imprint plays home to his own productions and features those of like minds Legowelt, John Heckle, Morphosis, ASOK, R-A-G, Ike Release, Innerspace Halflife, Ross 154 and others. Amsterdam's own local Chicago house legend will mix it up with some upbeat acid trax, rave sounds and breaks for this edition of Machine Cult.
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Volpe Volpe
Emerging from a party crew of acid addicts, italo mongers and Intergalactic FM fanatics, Sabine a.k.a. Volpe Volpe decided it’s time to take to the decks herself this year. She made her debut in Utrecht’s Ekko only a couple weeks ago, and she is more than ready to kick out her own blend of electro and acid for you on the second edition of Machine Cult!
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Freek Fabricius (030303)
True music lover without being all pretentious about it. Playing anything from filthy electro, drippy acid, to dirty disco, melodic electronics etc. Fabricius is a member of the illustrious 030303 collective and record label. What started with a small acid party in a vaulted cellar in Utrecht, has become a mature international record label devoted to the sound of acid. Freek shared the stage with legends such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Black Devil Disco, Legowelt, Dopplereffekt, 808 State Ceephax Acid Crew, Arabian Prince, DJ Stingray and many more. During his dj sets he takes you on a musical trip and he is always elegantly dressed in smile. 
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On visual duties is once again Déandrah – Label boss of Dee Dee's Picks, Echobox and Fade Radio resident and producer whose work has been released on Lustpoderosa, Intersub and Insult to Injury to name a few. For this evening, Déandrah will use live video feedback loops and analogue style video synthesis filtered on top of an eclectic selection of music videos to create a compelling “neo media” performance.

Machine Cult is hosted by Déandrah and Garçon Taupe.