Saturday 25 November
Studios // 22:00 // € 11
Machine Cult presents: The Spy, Marienus, Garçon Taupe, Xceptor, Moodswings, Déandrah
Genre: Electro, acid, ebm, wave & breaks
Line up: The Spy, Marienus, Garçon Taupe, Xceptor, Moodswings, Déandrah
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 11 / €9 in presale

Machine Cult is curated by Garçon Taupe and Déandrah, and for this first edition they invited some of the best upcoming talent in Dutch underground dance music. You can expect raw electro, pounding ebm, acid, high speed breaks and spaced out bass. 
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The Spy
One of the biggest upcoming talents in Dutch underground dance music, Wessel Jansen a.k.a. The Spy is quickly making a name for himself. His 2022 debut 'Time To Strike' was released on Elena Colombi's label Osàre! Editions. Boomkat described it as “a hot blooded fusion of coldwave electro and cybernetic techno styles comparable to Gesloten Cirkel, Beau Wanzer, early Jasss”. On his 2023 release 'Snakeskin', through Berlin electro powerhouse Mechatronica, he dips into wave, techno, industrial and UK bass. His output forms a fitting soundtrack for dark, pounding basements, devoid of time.
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Garçon Taupe
Since his debut Split LP with Legowelt in 2009, Garçon Taupe has been releasing electro, acid and italo influenced records on Narrominded and Gooiland Elektro (Enfant Terrible), as well a string of compilation tracks on international labels. You might have caught him playing live or DJ'ing on Operator Radio, Grauzone or Intergalactic FM Festival. His sets find a balance between grim Westcoast Sound of Holland electro, upbeat acid and melodic 80s sounds.
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One of the founders of dark electronics label and party collective Public Sex Regime. DJing on both airwaves as a host of No Soap Radio on Operator and in clubs for organisations such as Dead Channel and Pinkman, he is now dabbling into putting out his own work. Recently he released his debut track, a collaborative effort with xceptor, on his own posse’s imprint Public Sex Regime’s compilation and his first solo work is coming soon on Sonidos Subterraneos. In his sets he showcases gritty, grimy electronics, blending styles like industrial, ebm, wave, electro, techno, influences of hip-hop and weirdo experimental stuff. By breaking the boundaries between aforementioned genres the young artist has cemented a recognisable, distinctive sound. 
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Producer/dj xceptor wants to share his passion and positivity through making and playing a variety of electronic music genres. With tracks out through Everyone on Acid and Public Sex Regime, and a vast amount of tracks ready to unleash, xceptor is just dipping his toes in the water. Having played locally in Rotterdam clubs like Poing and Time is the New Space, and Blijdorp Festival this summer, xceptor is ready to unleash some of his high intensity electro on the Amsterdam crowd in OT301.
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Growing up on a diet of Turn Up The Bass compilations, Jesse Watalamejo a.k.a. Moodswings picked up DJing at a young age. Jesse is a very allround DJ, but fell in love with acid on the infamous Back To The Acid Planet clubnight in Trouw. Since 2016, he has been the driving force behind Amsterdam Acid, and threw several of his 'Microdots' raves in the obscure outskirts of Amsterdam.
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Déandrah (visuals)
Visuals for the night are provided by Déandrah, label boss of Dee Dee's Picks, Echobox and Fade Radio resident and producer of the freshly released industrial/braindance work titled Fret on Lustpoderosa. For this evening, Déandrah will use live feedback loops and analogue style video synthesis, generated from filming the audience and stage to create a compelling interactive performance.
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