Saturday 23 September
Studios // 22:00 // € 9
Genre: Electronic, experimental, club
Line up: Cold In Church, leop4rdi, Pebblle b2b Mandy Pixel, corecore DJ's
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 9 / €11 doorsale

The online collective corecore returns to OT301 for a third edition with live and DJ sets–spirited collaborations of virtual clouds and human alignments that celebrate the plural and the imaginative. Amsterdam based musical collective Cold In Church bring theatrical, synth-driven pop songs that carry within them pocket-sized theologies. Belgian producer leop4rdi’s live performance is an ecstatic force of trance’s thick euphoria and shoegazy melancholia. Pebble and Mandy Pixel close the night with a playful back to back session packed with unexpected turns and detours.

Artist info:
Cold in Church
Cold in Church is a musical collective operating at the interstices of artistic and performative practices. Noise, and synth-driven music accompanied by lyrical modes of address become the recipe for pre-Raphaelite dream-pop mélange; elements of drag, shoegaze, and drama join forces making a pocket-sized theology. Their artistic/musical practices have fueled an ongoing collaborative investigation into performance. These members are Charlott Weise, Cécile Tafanelli, Giovanni Giaretta, Helena Sanders, Faysal Mroueh, Jacob Dwyer, and Daniel Vorthuys.
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leop4rdi expands over a synthy sonic palette, masterfully blending soft guitar melodies reminiscent of dream pop and post-rock with rich EDM and trance leads. And while high-pitched vocal lines, thick bass-lines and beat-like drums, still all play an important role in leop4rdi’s production, the Belgian producer doesn’t shy off from playfully experimenting with more club-oriented sounds and arrangement. For his live set, Omar Hobo joins him on the drums.
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Pebblle repeated to herself: ’????Read the room, ????read the room, ????read room, ????room read’ She recycled the alternative pop melodies and rhythms that incessantly ushered forward a sense of time.” …………….”Skips, jumps, the occasional turn passing by scenes not completely forgotten. She liked to think of herself as an improbable chronicler, at best unlikely dogmatic, doubtfully eclectic, questionably playful and preposterously energetic, but there was no denying she had a finger in the pie.
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Mandy Pixel
Mandy Pixel is a Brussels based DJ and sound & visual artist. Her sets and work revolve around the familiar while they are at the same time constantly trying to disrupt. Her sets and work are like being around many strangers: awkward and stimulating. In her sets a range of genres follow an order that never fails to surprise: bass, beats, (post) punk, dream & hyperpop, industrial, ambient techno, combined with spoken word and field recordings will form the base of a set without a ground. It will whip you up and place you elsewhere.
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corecore is a collective and online platform for sharing and understanding the sonics of cyber-culture with a special attention towards the relationship between identity, community, and embodied affect in the realm of the so-called “virtual”. corecore interrogates the bleeding edge between “cyberspace” and “real life” through their Discord server and events.
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