Saturday 30 September
Studios // 22:00 // € 11
AA Launch Party - Webdocu Collective Ownership
Genre: Electronic, electro, techno
Line up: Alberta Balsam, DJ Overdose, Kimmah, Zgjim
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 11 / €9 in presale

Today, Saturday 30 September, Amsterdam Alternative is launching their webdocu about collective ownership.
During the daytime (from 15:00-00:00 hrs) there wille be screenings, expo, booksales and talks in te Ventilator cinema and bar. Entrance for that is for free.
At night we‘ll finish off the launch with a big party.

Line up:
22:00-23:30: Zgjim
23:30-00:45: Kimmah
00:45-01:45: Alberta Balsam (live)
01:45-03:00: DJ Overdose

Artist info:

Alberta Balsam
Alberta Balsam's love for science-fiction permeates throughout everything she does. Her live performances flex immeasurable skill as a tech-savvy producer able to construct danceable, yet simultaneously lush and expansive interludes. Classic drum machines are layered over intricate harmonies and 303 bass lines, programmed through drum machines and analogue synthesizers. The results are rooted in early experiments with machine-made music but also a journey across time and space, tuning into the frequencies of cybernetic entities arriving from the future. 
As a DJ, Alberta's sets incorporate a signature blend of leftfield techno, electro, IDM, broken beats and breaks, pivoting between off-the-wall experimentation and bold, slicing beats. Having trained as an epidemiologist, the theme of care reverberates through her music. Crucially she regards dance as medicine – a primordial remedy to sustain our interconnected existence.
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DJ Overdose
For those who know, DJ Overdose is one of the pillars of the Dutch electro scene. He is a low key yet vital artist who hails from The Hague but is based in Rotterdam, and his unique take on electro oozes the atmospheres of these famous musical cities. Ever since starting out in eighties, he has been looking to cook up a sense of fun, “where the subs are devastating and the beats are raw. ” He underpins his work with booming Miami bass and tends not to look outwards across the contemporary landscape, instead he continues to draw on his love of 80s hip hop for inspiration, then skews it through his own lens.
Famously dexterous in the booth, DJ Overdose has well honed skills that make him able to tear up a larger stage or connect with a more intimate crowd. Electro, Dutch electronics, 80’s pop, Kraftwerk and of course Miami bass can all feature and his deserving reputation has taken him to gigs across the US and Canada as well as key events in Europe.
In the studio, Overdose is a master technician on a range of hardware. By now, he speaks his own language through these machines, whether working solo, or in previous collaborations with the likes of Alden Tyrell or Mr. Pauli. As well as under his own name, he works under alases like Dream Disco, HAEX-HRLL, Extranova and Model Man, but never puts out music for the sake of it.
Instead, he has a small but perfectly formed discography that includes mutant electro funk and ghetto disco albums, as well as EPs that touch on sci-fi tinged soundtracks and more dark and fatalistic adventures. They come on cult labels likes Viewlexx, Pinkman, L.I.E.S., Unknown to the Unknown, Creme Organization and his own RotterHague. It is a label that brings him together with artists from around the world for a series of EPs called ‘Where Cities Collide,’ where sonic similarities and stylistic differences are explored and embraced.
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Since her radio debut in May 2021 it’s been all systems go, with a non-stop string of appearances across the Netherlands’ best clubs, including BIT, Garage Noord, OOST, Perron, PIP and Poing. 2022 saw her pack in two tours of Vietnam, and she’s teamed up with Rotterdam’s Pinkman Records as part of the roster for their 10-year anniversary world tour in 2023.
As a former resident of Rotterdam’s FOMO collective she cut her teeth playing and programming events throughout the city’s industrial basements. This period fused her love for raw electronic music with her interest in spatial design and creating safer club spaces.
Before departing the group to pursue her own DJing, she was involved in writing policies to protect the dancefloor experience. And with her master’s in urban design, she has future aspirations to see nightlife become part of the long term planning in Rotterdam and beyond.
Named by DJ Mag as an emerging artist in June 2022, she’s ready for lift off and it won’t be long before she’s in orbit. The club and festival appearances right around Europe keep coming thick and fast, and Kimmah is determined to use her growing platform to motivate more womxn of all colour, sexualities and gender to step into the booth and do their thing behind the decks.
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Kosova-raised & Amsterdam-based Producer & DJ, Zgjim, loves the idea of musical worlds colliding & has been experimenting throughout the past 10 years, combining the slinky sounds of garage, grime, trance, rave & beyond.
Holding this all together seems a fanciful task, but Zgjim manages it with aplomb, favoring the swift transitions between genres that only make sense while listening.
In his productions, he wears his heart on his sleeve & at the same time keeps it rare and mysterious
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