Saturday 27 May
Studios // 21:30 // € 9
Genre: Electronic, experimental, club
Line up: Dasychira, Guenter Råler, Madjestic Kasual, unluca⭐️⭐️⭐️, snailaway
Open: 21:30 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 9 / €11 doorsale, limited free tickets for Subbacultcha members

On May 27 corecore will once again devirtualise for it’s second event at OT301; stitching together sculptural soundscapes with high energy club sensibilities. Sonic realms are opened up by Dasychira (live), Guenter Råler (live), Madjestic Kasual (DJ), snailway (DJ) and Unluca⭐️⭐️⭐️ (live).

Artist info:
Dasychira actively engages with the cobweb of magical realism around them, creating music and art that tiptoes between dimensions of fantasy. Pronounced /ˈdah-see-kira/, the South African artist curently resides in New York City. They run the label end of fae-minded collective unseelie. 
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Guenter Råler
Guenter Råler is an Italian producer, DJ and visual artist now based in the Netherlands.Their DJing style focuses on avant-garde electronic music, pop blends and unconventional rhythms, combining different genres in a high-energy journey. During corecore02 they will present their new EP.
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Madjestic Kasual
Madjestic Kasual is the world’s foremost lifestyle curator, sound philanthropist, cultural commentary farm, and person. He is a DJ whose selection spans everything from bigass bops to swagass slappers, administering worldview-enriching songs to international and regional audiences without prejudice. Expect music that’s good.
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Landing from a fascination for syncopated drum patterns and ecstatic hypnotism snailaway is dedicated to bringing sweat and joy to the dance floor. Her psychedelic cross-overs are a contagious form of effervescent editing through storytelling and somatic trance ~ Let’s Move!
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unluca★★★ is an Amsterdam-based songwriter who uses digital means like virtual singers and 3D animation to tell human stories about topics like the internet, mermaids and the intolerable cringe of remembering your past self. Inspired by magical girl-anime, their audiovisual live show is a tale of someone who discovers she has a supernatural laptop.
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