Wednesday 31 May
Ventilator Cinema // 10:00 // € 0
Fuck healing (?) - The Insomniac Dreamers
Genre: Summer program
Line up: Dr. Toni Pape, Jeffrey’s underground cinema  
Open: 10:00 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

Summer program of theory, creation and pleasure


10.00 – 13.00 @ Ventilator cinema - OT301 
Performance Lecture - Sleepwalking toward Immediate Sociality
Dr. Toni Pape (UvA)

15.00 – 18.00 @ Ventilator cinema - OT301 

20.00 – late @ Ventilator cinema - OT301 
Screening and introduction - Ticket of No Return (Urlike Ottinger, 1979)
Jeffrey’s underground cinema   

Program details:

10.00 – 13.00  
Sleepwalking toward Immediate Sociality  
Performance Lecture
Dr. Toni Pape (UvA)  
This performance lecture proposes sleepwalking as a mode for social healing - and for fucking with it. The conceptual persona of the sleepwalker is also, perhaps, a good example of an “insomniac dreamer.” In contemporary media theory, the figure of the sleepwalker has been mobilised in largely pessimistic critiques of digital media. In his Sleepwalker’s Guide to Social Media, Tony D. Sampson suggests that social media induce a state of collective somnambulism in which individuals are neither fully conscious nor unconscious. Digital media favour the in-between state of sleepwalking to extract value from highly habitual or even automated behaviour like doomscrolling.
After presenting this approach, the talk will however try to redeem the notion of sleepwalking. Drawing on the work of early sociologist Gabriel Tarde, sleepwalking will be presented as the quintessential social state of mind in general. This means that somnambulism is not necessarily a deficient state and can be affirmed and redeemed for alternative projects of community-building. The question is how we can sleepwalk differently. How can we tap into and modulate our collective nonconscious toward a more lively engagement with media? Or better: How can sleepwalking help us go beyond social media towards practices of social immediation? While the performance lecture raises these questions, speculative answers will be developed in a guided workshop that activates the lecture’s conceptual concerns through a series of short exercises. 

15.00 – 18.00 
Theatre of Drag: Healing, Action and Telenovela 
Clara Saito (Jacuzzi) 
The workshop invites people to participate in exploring themes such as dissociation, transformation, multiplicity of being/ characters and being a body and spirit in constant flexibility, which I believe is also a political way to experience the world.  It is also an exploration of how we can bring together theory and practice, thought and action, the body and mind, and use performance and theater as a transformative and political way of expressing and acting upon struggles, but all of it in drag.
The project is informed by the Theatre of the Oppressed, a community-based technique developed by Augusto Boal, which uses improvisation exercises to help oppressed communities in Brazil find solutions to internal problems through active participation. The workshop includes creating characters, writing scripts, gathering social media content, performing for each other, and having discussions about the struggles the participants face in everyday life. The plan is to mix different tools and collect footage from the creation process and sketches to use in a final screening and live performance exhibition.

20.00 – late 
Un Homme Qui Dort (Bernard Queysanne, 1974)  
Screening and introduction 
Jeffrey’s underground cinema   
Once there was a visionary artist named Georges Pérec. He was a writer, and a sort of poetic essayist. Although experimental in approach, much of his work had concrete themes that revolved around alienation and melancholy. He wrote the screenplay for this secret masterpiece from the 70s that today still remains virtually unknown outside of France.
This film centers on a young man who is thinking of ending his stuffy university studies. He falls asleep, but becomes restless. He goes on a dérive, an aimless wandering through the city of Paris. In a sense, he is looking for an exit from his condemned existence. We see him at in the streets at daybreak, in the afternoon crowds, in the night cafes. He drifts through the cold heart of the city, alone, never speaking to anyone. Instead we hear a female voice narration. It is a sort of a stream-of-consciousness diary that describes the student's thoughts, his feeling of alienation, his frustrations and daydreams. The narration is a sort of existential mediation spoken over haunting black and white images... detached words that are like confessions. 

More info on the Fuck Healing (?) website