Monday 29 May
Ventilator Cinema // 10:00 // € 0
Fuck healing (?) - The Insomniac Dreamers
Genre: Summer program
Line up: Patricia Pisters, Kseniia Bespalova
Open: 10:00 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

Summer program of theory, creation and pleasure


10.00 – 13.00 @ Ventilator Cinema - OT301 
Lecture & conversation with Morgan Quaintance - A Badge of Honour: The Dream of the Mind that Has to Be Fabricated
Professor Patricia Pisters (ASCA)

15.00 – 18.00 @ Ventilator Cinema - OT301 

20.00 – 22.00 @ Ventilator Cinema - OT301 
Screening and introduction - Super Natural (Jorge Jácome, 2022) 
Kseniia Bespalova (Programmer of the Future" at Eye Filmmuseum) 

Program details:

10.00 – 13.00
A Badge of Honour: The Dream of the Mind that Has to Be Fabricated 
Lecture & conversation with Morgan Quaintance
Exhaustion is a limited experience. It happens the moment the possibilities of the physical presence (the actual) give way to something beyond our immediate perception (the virtual of the past or the future, the otherworldly). It may be a popping up of a memory, something barely perceptible, a feeling rather than an image. In ‘The Exhausted’ Deleuze argues: “The dream of the exhausted, insomniac, or abulic person is not like the dream of sleep, which is fashioned all alone in the depths of the body and of desire; it is a dream of the mind that has to be made, fabricated.”
In this lecture I will look at the ways in which artists fabricate such constructed minds by traveling to the limits of perception. One way of creating liminal images is by rendering the image completely abstract, strip them down to the bare minimum of the ‘Trio’ such as the numerous trios in Beckett plays (voice, space, music; man, woman, child; three doors in the mise-en-scene) etc. The other way of going to the limits of perception is by addressing too many levels of perception (reading, listening, seeing). Morgan Quaintance’s short film Surviving You, Always (2021) does both. And by creating in this way a mind in image, text and sound, he creates a space where things can be lost and saved at the same time, counter-actualising the wound of a loss in a moving artistic expression and thus wearing the event (what happens to us), as Quaintance suggests, “like a badge of honour”. 

15.00 – 18.00 
Theatre of Drag: Healing, Action and Telenovela 
Clara Saito (Jacuzzi) 
The workshop invites people to participate in exploring themes such as dissociation, transformation, multiplicity of being/ characters and being a body and spirit in constant flexibility, which I believe is also a political way to experience the world.  It is also an exploration of how we can bring together theory and practice, thought and action, the body and mind, and use performance and theater as a transformative and political way of expressing and acting upon struggles, but all of it in drag.
The project is informed by the Theatre of the Oppressed, a community-based technique developed by Augusto Boal, which uses improvisation exercises to help oppressed communities in Brazil find solutions to internal problems through active participation. The workshop includes creating characters, writing scripts, gathering social media content, performing for each other, and having discussions about the struggles the participants face in everyday life. The plan is to mix different tools and collect footage from the creation process and sketches to use in a final screening and live performance exhibition.

20.00 – 22.00 
Super Natural (Jorge Jácome, 2022) 
Screening and introduction 
Kseniia Bespalova (Programmer of the Future" at Eye Filmmuseum) 
Super Natural explores movement and the relationality of bodies, inviting a viewer for a guided meditation. Being initially conceived as a live performance, the film is based on the choreography of performers - some of them disabled. It investigates the potentiality of bodies, which merge with the material space, with landscapes, with living and non-living beings, inventing new forms of the possible. Throughout the film, viewers are guided by the voice whose exhausted language is pure sound translated into words in the subtitles. 

More info on the Fuck Healing (?) website