Thursday 20 April
Studios // 21:00 // € 7,-
aural conduct
Genre: Noiserock, ambient, punk
Line up: salutingrome, Loma Doom, Luke Cohlen
Open: 21:00 - 23:59 hrs
Tickets: € 7,- / limited free spots for Subbacultcha members, reservation required

aural conduct lands at OT301 for a raw alternative performance night starring Salutingrome and Loma Doom.

Loma Doom starts with a collage of punk music, ambient and archival recordings, paying homage to OT301’s squatting roots. Here, she channels her sonic research on Amsterdam’s housing crisis (from the project The Right to the City XXX) and investigates the role of archives as tools for resistance and political imagination. With Loma Doom setting tone and tension, we continue with the Salutingrome band, who are bursting onto the live musical scene with a thrilling theatric energy. Salutingrome did the second release on aural conduct titled Washing Hands, which consists of early experiments by Zamity Mitelembe (the lead singer). Salutingrome now transformed to a noiserock/post-punk trio together with Victor Keyser (on guitar, melodica, horn, etc.) and Tijmen Aalberts (on drums). They will play new music from their recently self-released Corner of the World, with a distinct, abrasive feel. Afterwards, Loma Doom is joined by Luke Cohlen (aural conduct), providing a final dance.

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