Friday 31 March
Studios // 23:00 // € 10
Zwarte Dood
Genre: Cloud rap, and dub combined with raw electronics, techno, and industrial
Line up: Zwarte Dood hybdrid live set (Filmmaker & Bertram)
Open: 23:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €8 in presale

Zwarte Dood is making its debut performance on Friday, March 31st at OT301 in Amsterdam. The duo consists of Filmmaker and Bertram who do live raw electronic performances that combine analogue machines, samples, stems, and more. They formed the group in 2022 and the name is loosely a tribute to the three x's on the Amsterdam coat of arms where they met. Their inspiration is a combination of Memphis-style down south hip hop, hard cloud rap, and dub combined with raw electronics, techno, and industrial. They will debut their project with an exclusive all night long. Pre-sales are live now.

Filmmaker heads the renowned Body Musick label which boasts his own releases as well as music by Morah, Mayo, Mule Driver, Violet Poison, and others. The multitalented Colombian-born artist is currently on a European tour and releases music under a slough of monikers such as GLYF and DJ Shulgin with releases on Veyl, Opal Tapes, Pildoras Tapes, OSM, and many others

Galactic Funk's Bertram is a producer, DJ, and events coordinator with deep roots in the Amsterdam electronic music scene. Hailing from Aruba, his music is featured on Dead Channel Records, Berlin-based Sons of Traders, Body Musick, and has a forthcoming album set for release in April on a Rotterdam-based label. He is a resident at Mutant Radio and Operator Radio and co-curates the popular Galactic Funk podcast series.