Sunday 29 January
Rasa // 19:00 // € donation
Saliva! #5
Genre: acoustic and electronic music improvisation
Open: 19:00 - 00:00 hrs
Tickets: € donation

After dinner today, we have another SALIVA! event:

a fine selection of musicians will bring a series of acoustic and/or electronic improvisations.

To reserve a vegan organic meal, call 0684781156 between 2-6pm.

Dinner is from 7pm, music from 8.30ish.

De Peper is a CASH ONLY venue.



Gordon Zola:

Joke Lanz - Turntables

Ruben Tenenbaum - Violin

Louis Freres - Bass

Utku Tavil - Drums


About Joke Lanz -

About Gordon Zola:


Band bio:

Gordon Zola, consisting of Joke Lanz on turntables, Ruben Tenenbaum on

violin, Louis Freres on bass, and Utku Tavil on drums, has been formed

for a session in the summer of 2021 in Berlin. After the session the

group has never met again in its complete formation, only to completely

forget what they have done together. The recordings though managed to

find their own path to existence and will be released on Autistic

Campaign, a DIY label based in Rouen, France just before their upcoming

tape release tour with a few dates around Europe. Nobody knows what the

music is gonna be like, but that is also quite refreshing isn't it?


Thiébault Imm - Electric Guitar

expending the vocabulary of the instrument into new musical forms.



exploring new aesthetics combining noise with acoustic sounds.

Andrius Derevi - Sax

Bomi Kim - Electronics