Thursday 26 January
Studios // 21:30 // € 18
2o_23 lunar 2o_23 
Genre: Asian underground
Line up: Animistic Beliefs, Golin, Van Boom, SEE SEA, YEONG DIE
Open: 21:30 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 18

Asian artists from different cities join forces together to celebrate lunar new year in Amsterdam.
Sounds by SEESEA (Seoul, ROK), Van Boom(Kuwait, Kuwait), Animistic Belifs (Rotterdam, NL), YEONG DIE(Seoul, ROK) and Golin (Amsterdam, NL). Live visuals from Pasuthhh(Bangkok, Thailand) and Simon Noh(Amsterdam, NL).

Zip, a new platform based in Amsterdam that works together with different venues, artists, and invites a broad range of crowds. We seek the next way of connecting; a relaxed way of networking, and a natural way of forming a com- munity. We are to strengthen local networks, to encourage cross-border and inter-cultural cooperations, and add our strength to broadening the under- standing of “Asian” culture. We are to bring together people of diverse back- grounds, genders, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and classes. Together, we will confront the uncertainty and fragility of identity, and continue the dialogue.

Animistic Beliefs - Insta
Golinc - Insta
Van Boom - Insta
SEE SEA - Insta

Pasuth - Insta
Siwon Noh  - Insta

Graphic Design & Photography 
Oat Sankrit Kulmanochawong  - Insta

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