Friday 27 January
Studios // 21:00 // € 7
Genre: Electro, Breakbeat, Techno
Line up: Lance, Fuga, Harry Who, Mattia Rizzi
Open: 21:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 7 / €5 in presale

Kontakt Kollektiv invites you to “Check In” on January 27th at our upcoming event. Join us for a night of music, dance and community. We have an exciting lineup of four DJs who will be spinning a variety of electronic genres. These talented artists will keep you moving all night long with their high-energy beats and cutting-edge sounds.
As you dance to the sounds of electro, breakbeat, and techno, take this great opportunity to make Kontakt and meet new, like-minded people and spread the joy of real human connection.
The theme, "Check in," invites you to express yourself through the clothes you wear and show us where you're headed on your journey. Whether it's through bold patterns representing a culture, bright colours seen in a uniform, or unique accessories worn by specific professionals, let your wardrobe take you on a journey and inspire us all to imagine the endless possibilities of your destination. 
This theme is about more than just dressing up. It's also about checking in with the people around us and our friends to make sure we're all doing ok. We encourage you to ensure you're taking care of yourself too! Check in with your friends before, during, and after the event to make sure everyone is feeling good. Let’s take care of eachother!
So come on out, bring your friends, and let's come together for a night of music and dance and become part of our Kontakt community. We can't wait to see you there!


Lance (DE)
Lancé is an emerging DJ from Munich. When he was 16 he started playing in local clubs and producing his own music. With his ability to sense the crowd, he instinctively knows what the people need to be guided into high vibe experiences.

Fuga (BE)
Fuga stands for layering, looping, sampling and translating electronic genres into one eclectic whole. Get ready for fast breakbeats, 44 techno and experimental bridges

00:00 - 01:30
Harry Who (AU)
Growing up playing multiple instruments Harry first started djing in his hometown, Melbourne, almost a decade ago. 
His sets can be described as vibrant, energising, fun and full of passion, Harry puts his all into every set. He has an innate ability to blend a wide range of genres.
One thing is for sure, during his set you won’t be standing still. 
Since landing in Amsterdam in 2019 Harry has immersed himself in its world famous dance scene. His newest venture, founding Kontakt Kollektiv with 4 friends with their goal to create events epitomising positive energy by liberating and unifying people. Their events aim to create unbridled fun and self-expression combined with a genuine desire to share their unwavering creative passion.
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01:30 - 03:00
Mattia Rizzi (IT)
Venice-raised and now Amsterdam-based DJ, Mattia Rizzi, is making an impact with his high-energy trance and progressive house sets. After moving to Amsterdam, he felt inspired by the legendary dutch electronic music tradition and took his creative passion for music to another level. His love for music and mixing grew, while stuck spending COVID in isolation. He spent his time diving deep into the trance and progressive-house genre inspired by artists like Orbital, L.S.G., Cosmic Baby, and the 90s trance rave scene. While clubs were still closed, he started throwing private events for his friends as a way to bring people together and share the euphoric feeling of dance. Mattia Rizzi aims to take listeners on a musical journey with emotional highs and lows, truly encapsulating the sophistication of his music selection.
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