Saturday 03 December
4bid Gallery // 18:00 // € free - publ
When It Lay In Pieces: book launch and 4bid=9y anniversary!
Genre: book launch and party
Line up: AUTHORS: Pieter Cornelissen, Andrea van der Kuil, Sierra Hatcher, Irina Baldini.
Open: 18:00 - 21:00 hrs
Tickets: € free - publ

Part of the 4bid=9 anniversary celebration, 4bid is open with program
on Saturday 3rd December, from 18:00 to 21:00h with a book launch: "When
It Lay In Pieces" by Pieter Cornelissen, a
4bid indie-press publication, and our very own birthday celebrations!



In march 2020 everything froze and fell apart.
“When it lay in pieces”
is a series of letters written and drawn during a year, not too long ago, when life was turned upside down.




The program will be featuring original artworks from the book. Our
previous publications will be on display too, and the first 4bidZine of
a series that will lead to our 10Y compendium in 2023 will be shared
with all visitors.


Amsterdam-based 4bid indie publishing (2022) was founded by a group of
artists-volunteers at the 4bid gallery. It operates out of the OT301, a
building that was squatted (1999) and bought (2006) by a diverse,
international community that is united in an association called EHBK.
The building is an alternative, collectively run, not-for-profit
platform in which housing, workspaces and public functions are combined
to contribute to the arts, politics, subculture and counterculture. This
year, 4bid started producing poetry, illustration, and artistic research
books. We highlight independent artists and authors, giving them an outlet for work that may not want to fit the corporate publishing environment. We do all we can to stay close to our roots by putting out small-batch, chapbooks, occasionally complete with hand-sewn spines.
4bid indie publishing operates on its own, making decisions that are not
based on profit or quantity, but on quality and relations. We make
restriction-free and completely autonomous decisions, and do not publish what may be considered to become popular but rather what we believe in and feel a strong desire to support.
In the spirit of our approach to 4bid as a gallery project, we collaborate through every step of the publishing process, wherein a crew of volunteers handle publishing, editing, marketing, and sales.


Stay tuned for details!


GENRE: exhibition, book launch, independent publications,
AUTHORS: Pieter Cornelissen, Andrea van der Kuil, Sierra Hatcher, Irina
DOORS: 18h
ENTRY: free (books and zines are for sale)