Friday 24 June
Studios // 23:00 // € 10
Esoterica: Return to Aldebaran
Genre: Downtempo and ecstatic earth music
Line up: Pocket Bongo, Baba Chaos, Kareem Raihani, Mozes Meijer
Open: 23:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €8,50 presale // €7 at the door before 00:00 hrs

In 2019 Esoterica introduced the downtempo sound to OT301 with some cult events. Downtempo is the slow, post-rave, spiritual global electronic sound that came out in an esoteric alliance between Berlin and Latin America during the middle 2010s.

On their first post pandemic party Esoterica invites Kareem Raihani, Amsterdam's Ecstatic Dance Shaman.

Pocket Bongo will do a live set. Mozes and Thomas premiered their psychedelic dub influenced electronic jam during a session in Ruigoord and have been catching some funky gigs with their interplay of human interaction and electronica. 

Baba Chaos set up Esoterica in 2019 after moving back from Berlin and missing the magic of downtempo parties in Amsterdam. Dj Chaos shares some history with OT301, as in doing Bam Bam as well as many jungle parties before. 

On the first Esoterica in OT with guest dj Thomash, Chaos met Mozes Meijer through their common friend DJ Isis. Since that time they have been keen musical partners with a shared love of downtempo, dub, world music and post-punk. Mozes is a young and talented jack of all trades: Producer, musician, dj, vocalist and esquisite esoetric dub mixer.