Friday 20 May
Studios // 22:00 // € 10
Drum & Bass MASSIVE
Genre: Drum & Bass
Line up: Adi-J, Nixus, SNIK
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €8 in presale

We stand united in solidarity with Ukraine.
We organise another event in support of Ukraine, to raise money for a cause we all feel strongly about.

We invite Amsterdam local crews and friends to run the night:

Adi-J (Cheeky Monday / PRSPCT Radio)
Insta // Soundcloud

Nixus (Cheeky Monday / Bass Society -RINSE France)
Insta // Soundcloud

Soundcloud // Website // Insta

In the face of the current situation, we cannot remain passive bystanders, but instead do what we can with the abilities we have, in support of the Ukrainian state and people in their fight.

All the benefits generated from this event will go to the organization
Fundacja Ocalenie -

Come early, stay late, show your support.
If you cannot attend the event, you can always make a donation to the link above.

Limited capacity!

Artwork by : Studio Inferno III