Thursday 19 May
Studios // 20:00 // € Free
OUTLINE ¶#0-¶#3, A get-together
Genre: Publication release, performances, DJs
Line up: Kim David Bots, Romy Day Winkel, Annosh Urbanke, Jan-Pieter 't Hart, mary and Magga
Open: 20:00 - 01:00 hrs
Tickets: € Free

OUTLINE: ¶#0-#3 is a festive, public get-together with gestures by Kim David Bots, Romy Day Winkel, Annosh Urbanke, Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart and Callum Dean, and music by mary and magga. Outline collective will present, perform and play around with the four issues of their ¶ (Pilcrow) series, published over the course of the last 2 years. The ¶ (Pilcrow) series consists of texts and images found on the online collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia, as well as a contribution by the artist who compiled it. This event marks the end of the series by launching ¶#3: The mental traveller, compiled by Kim David Bots, while also taking moments to reflect on previous issues and the endeavour as a whole.

Kim David Bots is an artist working in a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing and music. He is interested, amongst other things, in language, the nonsensical, myths and storytelling.

Romy Day Winkel is a writer, editor and musician based in Amsterdam. She interviews poets for Perdu’s podcast series and runs a publication called SNAKY ZINE. Her research on radicalising romance is expanding via the Critical Studies program at Sandberg Institute, as well as her digital archive and radio show.

Annosh Urbanke works as an artist and in the areas of art writing and curating. In her personal work she explores nostalgic and contemporary forms of tourism. While considering personal and collective experiences she looks at today’s consumption and performative elements of tourism.

Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart is an artist and art worker based in Amsterdam and mainly active in the fields of writing, sound, publishing and organizing. He is currently enrolled at Dutch Art Institute and is 1/4th of OUTLINE.

Callum Dean is using communication design and publishing as methodologies for exploring the production of language and subjectivity within networked media-ecologies. He is currently based in Amsterdam.