Thursday 20 August
Studios // 11:00
Music Theatre Workshop Katie Duck
Instructor: Katie Duck
Entrance: €125 for five days / €25 per day

This Music Theatre workshop gathers interdisciplinary artists in an improvisation/composition process. Each day we will have a movement study (BODY BODY BODY) followed by composition studies and improvisation sessions. 
"In a composition where improvisation is applied, time is passing in different perceived speeds by the performer and space is shifting in several dimensions at once. This awake fullness promotes individual performance presence, composition alertness and an appetite for creativity". (Katie Duck)

Each day two artists from the Improvisation Summer Course crew will join Katie in the workshop. 
The workshop is restricted to 11 registering participants in the studio 1 space. You can register for all five days or days at a time.

€125 for five days / €25 per day
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