Tuesday 18 February
Bodlabot // 19:30
Tuesday Workshop Series
Style/type: Tuesday Workshop Series
Instructor: Vincent Cacialano and Alan McDermott
Entrance: E10 for 1 class E 15 for 2 classes

Vincent Cacialano "Movement Matters"

This workshop will approach moving from the inside out, where each individual can connect to themselves and others, learning crucial information about the body, that supports all aspects of movement. The main focus of the workshop is to develop our proprioception, and our ability to think-feel. The aim is to facilitate a deeper sense of body awareness and inner and outer connectivity. The work involves tuning the body, connecting to ourselves, our centre and out to the periphery. Here we work with gentle movement and directed attention to improve and enhance posture, ease of movement, and over-all human functioning. We also explore ideas that are very physical, enhancing ones awareness of space and movement with others. The work incorporates exercises that work to release tension, improve movement-coordination, strength and flexibility, moving with others, inventing movement spontaneously, and developing our relationship to space. The work utilises simple exercises and improvised structures informed by Modern/Post Modern- Dance and Somatic Practices. All levels of experience are welcome.

This workshop series has been created in response to artists who have requested to have on-going classes based on the role improvisation plays in performance and/or composition studies in a multi disciplinary format. The workshop series is aimed towards all levels of musicians, dancers, actors, singers and performance artist. Workshops are 2 hours, held one time per week on Tuesdays evenings. Some of the workshops are with teacher/artists for one Tuesday. Other workshops are with teacher/artists for two Tuesdays in a row. Read more 

Max 10 people per class  / Cash on arrival  / €10 per day / €15 for two Tuesdays days (if it is with the same teacher in a sequence) .