On this page you’ll find different series of pictures and videos that were taken at the OT301. Pictures/videos from our past, our members, shows that have happened in the OT301 and so on. If you have you taken great pictures/videos at the OT301 yourself that you want to share with us then please send them to pr(at)

OT301, captured in
photos and videos

OT301 Open Day (2011)

Pictures taken by Roel Determeijer

De Peper (2013)

Our vegan culture kitchen.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Freakatone performance "Let's talk about socks"

Summercourse Improvisation with Katie Duck.
Video made by: Isis Marks

Wonderland (2013)

Wonderland is a music/dance/performance event for childeren (and parents).
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Otopia festival (2012)

In the second year of project ‘De Overhaal’ we organized the Otopia festival through the full building.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Jeff Mills

Short clip of Jeff Mills' 6 hour performance at Dekmantel's ADE night..
Video made by: Dekmantel

OT301 - Ping Pong bar

Every Tuesday night from 21:00-00:30 hrs. Ping Pong in the Studios.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Svetlin Velchev Chronologue

Performance at 4bid Gallery
Video made by: N. Pen

No Age concert (2011)

Concert by the band No Age at Subbacultcha event.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Nobody Beats The Drum - live (2013)

Live audio visuel show by Amsterdam based act Nobody Beats The Drum.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Bob Log III

Bob Log III is an American slide guitar one-man band.
Video made by: MegaStormX

The Ex - Four Billion Tulip Bulbs

Live at OT301, Amsterdam on 19 June, 2014.
Video made by: improvDOThu

Dance me , I'm a gallery

Audio/video evening by Marika and Nikos at 4Bid gallery.
Video made by: Michiel Schatborn

VoltageSpa (2019)

Performance of VoltageSpa at Highs&Lows #30, 4bid Gallery.
Video made by: Iskrabela

Asielzoekers aangekomen bij OT301

Video made by: AT5

Jam With Humans Fest 2017

Concert of Jam With Humans Fest 2017 at De Peper.
Video made by: Jam With Humans

Urban Art Festival Amsterdam

Street Art Anarchy went to the Amsterdam Urban Art Festival on May 30th 2014 to catch a quick peek at the Dutch urban art scene.
Video made by: Parizshow

Movement academy

Short video from the Movement Academy at the OT301.
Video made by: Barbara Bonardo