Tuesday 21 January
Bodlabot // 19:30
Tuesday Workshop Series
Style/type: Tuesday Workshop Series
Instructor: Vincent Verburg
Entrance: E10 for 1 class E 15 for 2 classes

Vincent Verburg

This workshop series has been created in response to artists who have requested to have on-going classes based on the role improvisation plays in performance and/or composition studies in a multi disciplinary format. The workshop series is aimed towards all levels of musicians, dancers, actors, singers and performance artist. Workshops are 2 hours, held one time per week on Tuesdays evenings. Some of the workshops are with teacher/artists for one Tuesday. Other workshops are with teacher/artists for two Tuesdays in a row. http://katieduck.com/bodlabot-ot301-improvisation-wokrshop-series/

Max 10 people per class  / Cash on arrival  / €10 per day / €15 for two Tuesdays days (if it is with the same teacher in a sequence) .