Monday 14 October
Studios // 20:00
Self defense class
Style/type: Self defense
Entrance: 1 x 12 euro /// 4 x 40 euro

Movement Academy OT301
Starts: 20:15 hrs
Sign in by sms/WhatsApp: 0650 99 80 32

The Martial art/self defense classes here are designed to help those participating discover their inner strength and new levels of physical strength. Benefit from the combination of tradionall martial arts training and the most modern strength and conditioning practices available. The goal is not to fight, the goal is to never be a victim. Learn respect through the confrontation of you ego as we practice practical (street) defense, situation awareness and basic hand to hand combat. Join us for the improved overall health, leaner and stronger body, increased confidence and a lot of fun. Self defense, Krav Maga, Self control, training for strength & protection.

Open to all levels.
Limited capacity.