Tuesday 03 December
Studios // 18:00
Aerial circus class
Style/type: Aerial circus class
Instructor: Monika Stepak
Entrance: 1x 17 euro, 4x 64 euro

Movement Academy Ot301
Sign in by sms/ WhatsAap: 0650 99 8032 
Open to all levels. 

"There is a freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky
And you ask, What if i fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?"
E. H.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and begin intermediate level participants. at any age, and will focus mainly on aerial silk, principals of Okido Yoga and basic body control for body in daily life and air.
If you have ever dreamed to fly, if you always wanted to explore the air and you are ready to discover your body and mind strong and week points, then don,t wait - give it a try and join Aerial therapeutics lessons.
Fly low and step by step fly higher. 
Students who are new to this class and those who have commenced this class before are welcome.
Don,t worry about being new to these techniques, thats what class is for, we are simply here to have fun and step by step regain strength, mobility, flexibility and experience need for aerial movement journey.
During this lessons you will also learn how to take good care of your body, before and after class. How to avoid injuries in daily life and during training.
Warm up and cool down will be based on Oki- do Yoga, Meiso shiatsu, and Traditional Medical Thai massage.
Balance/ Confidence/ Physical and mental strength/ Breathing/ Posture/ Courage/ Improvisation/ JOY - these are the keywords to this workshop,s.

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