Wednesday 15 January
Studios // 20:30 // € 7
'Glue and Wind' Katie Duck / Julyen Hamilton / Ellen Knops
Genre: Dance / Text / Light
Line up: Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Ellen Knops
Open: 20:30 - 23:30 hrs
Tickets: € 7

Annual January meeting with Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton and Ellen Knops since 2012.  
Wound up in a hurricane of "we enjoy each other" once a year.

Julyen Hamilton works both in company - ALLEN´S LINE - and solo, develops dance for the theatre - a place where an atmosphere of transformation, insight and understanding is permitted without resort to thin conclusions. In this ambience dancers and light designer are directed to compose pieces instantly; we practise a process of improvisation in rehearsal and in the moment of performance. These are refined skills; they are a way of tunnelling down into ourselves with the light of spontaneity and producing material. This material is fresh to the intelligence of the moment and also linked to the months years and epochs that it has been gestating in the individual and the individual's history.

Katie Duck performances are a practice of presence in a sound driven space with a flirtation to engage public. She wishes for public to remember what they have seen, heard and felt long after the live performance has died. The combination of moving, seeing, hearing, feeling and deliberately volunteering to expose herself in front of an audience alters our perception of time, space and emotions. What she does for a living is an induced neuron madness . Her performances are about the experience of being there, you are participating in the event and thus, in a sense, the work”. Her practice is a reflection of what I believe art in the theatre can only be; live. 

Ellen Knops has mastered how Light changes the atmosphere and distorts how time is passing with each shift she makes in the theatre space. She is aware of how Light is a powerful aspect of how the public perceives tension and how dancers, performers and musicians are defined visually. In real time theatre, she is able to influence, and therefore, interact with the choices the performance artists are making.