Saturday 09 November
Peper // 20:00 // € 0
Introducing My friends said I'm funny, so
Line up: Grazyna Frackiewicz, Joseph Pourvais, Arwa Rangwala, Alessandro Pollace, Mircea, Cristina Rivera, Senem Kirac
Open: 20:00 - 23:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

A stand up comedy evening filled with laughter and some (very) weird people. Join us for a hot new stand up comedy show in Amsterdam! We will showcase a great lineup of international acts.

All of our comedians are majorly confused about their identities and probably good examples of mental health in the modern society. We have, from east to west, an Iranian, a Turk, a part Arab part Indian, a Polish, an Italian, an English, and a Spanish.

Entry is free but donations make us funnier for next time (scientifically proven) so try to catch up with an atm before honouring us with your entry. You might be saving a life:)

You will see outstanding performances from:
Grazyna Frackiewicz
Joseph Pourvais
Arwa Rangwala
Alessandro Pollace
Cristina Rivera
Senem Kirac

Doors open: 20:00
Opening act: 20:30
Break: 21:15
Closing: 22:00