Saturday 04 April
Gallery // 12:00 // € donation
The Eternal Cleaner _ Exhibition project / performance by Manuel Rodríguez
Open: 12:00 - 18:00 hrs
Tickets: € donation

The Eternal Cleaner

Exhibition project / performance by Manuel Rodríguez

About the work:

"They make endless hours to clean houses, offices and shopping centers. They make endless hours in call centers. They are there, but people don't see them (or don't want to see them). Sometimes they sleep on the street, sometimes they collect empty bottles"

About Manuel Rodriguez:

His work is about social themes, for example precarious work, poverty and immigration. He use paint, printing and reproduction as a way to share his ideas and his arts with other people.
Born in 1973, spending his childhood and youth in the chilean dictatorship. After studying fine arts, he decided to emigrate to Europe. After a few years in Spain, he arrives to Germany, where he currently lives. In the latter, we know very closely the reality of several precarious jobs. The experience of life in the dictatorship in Chile and the subsequent experience of precarious work will fundamentally determine the theme of his artistic work. He is also member for the Kiltraza art group (Chile).

About the exhibition:

The works are represented in fragments (or parts) that represent the process of understanding reality. The art technique is acrylic paint on cardboard, because it is a technique that fits very well with the social problems that you want to show.
For the inauguration, and in relation to the theme of the exhibition, a performative action of cleaning the gallery space will be carried out.

NB: On the same day, in the same place the performance
"two duets/one night" curated by Roberta Legros Stepankova will take place at 20:00h

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