OTR live - Friday 16 April from 16:00-20:00 hrs.

16:00-17:00: Liminoise/ Mab'by (Poetry)
17:00-18:25: DJ D- Monica (Jungle/DnB)
18:30-20:00: DJ Adi-J (Drum and bass)

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Vereniging EHBK / OT301
Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam

Email contact 
Algemeen: ehbk(at)ot301.nl
Pers/PR: pr(at)ot301.nl
Residency: info(at)otresidency.org

Email contact publieke ruimtes
Studios (Nachtprogramma): party(at)ot301.nl
Studios (Concerten): concert(at)ot301.nl
Cinema of the Damd: cinemaofthedamd(at)gmail.com
4Bid Gallery (exposities, workshops): 4bidgallery(at)gmail.com
De Peper (veganistische cultuur keuken): de_peper(at)yahoo.com
AnaMorphic repetitie ruimte: anamorphicstudio(at)gmail.com

Website ontwerp door 310k.nl // Gebouwd door Usemedia


Schrijf je in voor onze digitale nieuwsbrief en blijf op de hoogte van de evenementen en andere zaken omtrant de OT301.

Posted 18-12-2020

A studio space is available from 01-02-21

Application deadline: 31-12-2020 All renters are members of the collective and MUST have an interest in playing an active part. Amongst other things, this means participating in regular meetings and taking responsibility for various tasks in working groups to keep the building functioning.

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OT301 Public Spaces

Stichting Studio 301

Music, dance, performances

4bid Gallery

Exhibitions, workshops, performances


De Peper

Vegan culture Kitchen



20 years of Art and Autonomy

This book is an archive as well as an attempt to capture a bit of all the energy that has been flowing through the building. 

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Members of the EHBK Community


Fashion designer

Mirko Lazović

Artist, installations

Peter Rutten

Music producer

Monika Stepak - DJ Power vs Power

Therapist, DJ, Aerial Performer, Record label owner