Everybody is welcome
Everybody is welcome to visit the OT301. We don’t have a door policy. We don’t have VIP’s. 
If you treat everybody with respect and stick to our house rules you are welcome.

Feel welcome to share or pitch ideas
The OT301 is not just a place for the people that have a space in the OT301. Everybody is welcome to visit the events that we organise but we are also open for new ideas and new projects. So, if you have an idea for an event, an exhibition, a workshop, lecture or anything else then please feel welcome to ask us if there is a possibility to organise it. Keep in mind that we are not looking for commercial events with high entry prices or events that are sponsorred by big brands.

When pitching ideas, or when visiting the OT301 it is good to know something about our place and organisation.
You can read about our vision and history here.
Below you’ll find a short explanation of how we are organised.

Self management
The OT301 is a non-profit organisation. We try to keep prices as low as possible for our members and visitors. We strongly believe that it is important to maintain affordable places in Amsterdam because unfortunately our city is getting more expensive by the day.
In order to keep our prices low we try to save money where ever we can. This means that we try to do most tasks/jobs ourselves. All the members of our association donate voluntary hours to the collective to keep it running.

Collective ownership
The OT301 is a nice example of collective ownership. We bought the place as an assocation, so we own the place as a group. However, it is important to realize that nobody in the group has any individual ownership of the building or the space he/she is in. So when leaving the collective/building, the individual can not sell his/her space. The collective will take the space back and will place an open call for a new member. If you ever think about aplying for a space at the OT301 then realize that we are not just a place that rents out spaces. We expect involvement. The OT301 can only be vibrant, inspiring, open, experimental, social, creative etc etc if we have motivated people.

Organisation structure
When working in a system like this the organisation structure needs to be strong. We share the responsiblity for this place together. 
We are organised in the following way.
1) General assembly - this is the highest organ. There is no boss, the group decides
2) The board - the Board operates within the policies and guidelines as decided upon by the General Assembly and all the official regulations/statutes.

Then there is the committees. They are working groups with specific taks.
-Public spaces committee
-Financial committee
-Maintenance committee
-People & space committee
-PR & Communication committee
-Vision committee
-Go Green committee

Available spaces

Call out for new members

A studio space is available from 01.02.21
Application deadline: 31.12.2020
Send to: otresidency@gmail.com

OT301 is a legalised squat. A multimedia cultural centre encompassing a mix of non-commercial, (sub)cultural, artistic and activist projects and people.
OT301 is owned and run by a collective. All renters are members of the collective and MUST have an interest in playing an active part. Amongst other things, this means participating in regular meetings and taking responsibility for various tasks in working groups to keep the building functioning. This is a self maintained and self sustained project we love and dedicate our time and heart to.
NB: Do NOT apply if you only want to rent a space and are not interested in the commitment required to become a member in such a collective.
NB2: It is NOT possible to live in the studio.
STUDIO SUITABLE AS: artists studio (photography/visual/multi-media/textile/ceramic/writing) or activist/artist office space. The studio can be shared and a joint application is possible.
NOT SUITABLE FOR: loud noise (in order to respect the levels of sound pollution in both the building and the neighbourhood). As with all spaces within the OT301, the studio itself isn't completely insulated from noise/sound made in other parts of the building either, so you'd need to be ok with this.

We look forward to receiving your application, including the following information:
- Description of what you do including documentation, text, images and cv. (150-250 words)
- Description of you project, plan or approach of how you would integrate into the building and its organisation.
- What is your idea of the OT301 and why would you like to be a part of it?
If you have questions, please feel free to contact our People and Spaces committee.

Looking for people

Helping out at the OT301
We run this beautiful place with a lot of people but we can always use extra hands. We have a lot of jobs that need to be done. Cleaning, flyer distribution, bar shifts, sound and light jobs, cooking, programming bands etc etc. If you want to help out in some way then please let us know. You have to realize though, that we are not a company that offers jobs. Most work is done by volunteers, some jobs earn a little bit of money, but that is not a full income.